t]m20 Graduation Website

It is a long-standing tradition for each class of Type and Media to present their diploma projects on a website. My collegues, Renan Rosatti and Jan Šindler, teamed up with me to design and code the website of the year 2020.

One major goal was to make a website that enables the viewer to browse all projects easily. The thumbnail preview provides a comprehensive first impression of the typefaces without leaving the homepage. We designed the scrolling selection of the projects to emphasise this aspect of exploration.

If the viewer wants to learn more about a specific project, they can visit the individual project-sites where further information about the student, an in-depth specimen and a documentation of the design process can be found.

Another important factor for the design and implementation of the website was the equal representation of all students. Therefore, we randomised the order of the projects for every visitor. This order is cached to improve usability and simplify navigation between different projects.

Have a look at 2020.typemedia.org!


  • Web Design