Infinite Exhibition

Infinite is a digital art exhibition that plays with how we create meaning by categorising and differentiating. These conceptual borders are arbitrary, change depending on context and thus lose absolute value.

Usually we perceive borders as something that restricts us, differences as something that sets us apart. But looking at it from another perspective, borders and differences can also liberate us. The name Infinite was born from the idea that everything can be divided infinitely often, and therefore has infinite potential.

The dithered pixel grid is a key feature of the design. It illustrates how our understanding changes depending on how we draw the lines between different things. The low resolution is abstract and hard to decipher, but as the resolution is doubled with each step objects, landscapes and people appear where we have only seen black and white before.

I used Processing to generate these dithered graphics quickly. The script automatically dithers, masks and animates the input image to create the final background graphic. The source code is publicly available on GitHub.

This concept was originally created for the graduation exhibition of the master’s course Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design and developed further afterwards.


  • Generative Design
  • Exhibition Design


  • Grandmaster by Lucas Descroix
  • Degular by OHno Type