Nowadays fashion is a fast moving business, produced quickly, cheaply and ruthlessly under poor working conditions for starvation wages in developing countries. Hardly any piece survives more than two years and it was never meant to. As trends are changing fast clothing has become a disposable product — and whoever does not go with the trends is considered an outcast.

But it was not always like that: Tailoring and dressmaking used to be well-respected craftsmanships. Bespoke clothing was very common with every stitch fitted to the body. A new wardrobe was at great cost, so it was worthwhile to repair a torn dress.

Handwerk allegorises the craftsmanship of tailoring and points the way against throwaway society. The bespoke woollen ladies suit jacket impresses with the protruding lettering on the back part. It was deliberately left unfinished to illustrate the manufacturing process — the seams, keeping everything together, stay visible.


  • Art
  • Dressmaking


  • Fabric
  • Kardboard