Ceres is a typeface with a macabre atmosphere. The initial idea was to give different characters of a story their own typographic voice. I wanted to capture the personification of Death, a character in the stories of Terry Pratchett, in a typeface. The plan changed, but the inspiration stayed the same. Ceres developed into a diverse family of five styles: Scythe Roman and Italic for larger sizes, and Sickle Light to Bold for smaller sizes.

The Scythe Roman owes its name to the sharply curved serifs, whose shapes are reminiscent of a scythe. The Italic, on the other hand, interprets the underlying theme in a completely different way. Its fluid curves with horn-like ends create the wickedly diabolical character. Developing the counterpart for smaller uses was much more challenging. It needed linear details and a sturdier look. While the Light weight is an adaption of the Scythe style, used in smaller text; Regular and Bold deviate further from the shapes and are specially adapted for longer texts.


  • Type Design
  • Master’s Thesis